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4 Color Manual Rotary Screen Printer

4 Color Manual Rotary Screen Printer 4 Color Manual Rotary Screen Printer 4 Color Manual Rotary Screen Printer
Product name:4 Color Manual Rotary Screen Printer

4 Color Manual Rotary Screen Printer

Our 4 Color 4 Station Screen Press can apply 4 screens to 4 stations simultaneously. The the screen layer and the pallet layer can rotate independently, which makes it easier for multi-color printing, material loading and unloading and finally will bring much wider range of applications and faster printing effects.
They can be applied to costume, woven fabric, metal, paper, copybook, plastic, wood, glass, ceramic, leather and other products which need flat printing. They are especially suitable for small enterprise and individual use. 

Main Features & Special Functions

They can realize four/six precise colors in four/six stations after installation and debugging. In other words, it can be applied into multi-color printing by multiple persons simultaneously. It’s unrealizable for the other screen presses with the same prices

 Up-and-down adjustable (77-100cm) foundation can meets demands of people with different statures. Height adjusting is easy but stable after adjusted. So it can guarantee the users to print in a proper height and relaxed posture under a more labor-saving and much more comfortable way. 
Special design of spring devices in screen adjusting up and down makes it easies for the user operations according to the sizes and weight of the screens, which guarantees proper spring intensity to avoid squeegees expelling and inks splashing in higher intensity and screen unfixing because of higher weight of screen frames and squeegees in loose intensity.

Double fix position device is an initiate design. The upper wheels blocks make it much easier for the pallet support to enter into the fixed position; The small bottom wheel blocks guarantee the accurate position of the pallet support arm and color registers, which brings relaxed but much more accurate printing operation for the users.

Super big foundation and peculiar auxiliary balance foot stands keep it balanced and stable even the ground is not smooth. 

Fine adjustment device is easy operated but can mainly guarantee well appressing between screen and pallet, especially for the slightly deformation screen frame or unsmooth contact surface between screen and pallet, which will bring better printing effect.

Composite structure & excellent packaging for convenient transportation. They can be dismantled and packaged into 4/5 cartons, each carton weight is within 66Lb (30kg). Inside the carton, all the parts are separated packaged by high-strength cystosepiment and with splint on the top and bottom; Outer carton, it adopts five-layer corrugated carton and stretchable film; which will furthest reduce damage during transportation and especially suitable for long-distance transportation. 
 This machine adopts full metal structure and all parts are stainless steel materials, which is in advanced electrostatic spraying, elegant appearance, convenient in cleaning and no rust.

Equipped with installation video, manual instruction, full set installing and maintenance tools and spare parts. 

Foundation Size: 36"x36"x23"-32.5" (92cmx92cmx59cm-83cm)
Max frame size capacity: inner size 16"x20"(40cmx50cm)
Machine Size: 75"x75" (190x190cm)
Pallet Size: 17.7"x21.7" (45x55cm)
Net Weight: 185Lb (84kg)
Gross Weight: 209Lb (94.5kg) 
shipping Volume: 0.30 Cubic Meter 

Packaged into 4 cartons


81Lb (36.5kg)

23”x23”x13” (59x59x31cm)


46Lb (21kg)

23”x16”x7.5” (59x39x19cm)


40Lb (18kg)

24”x20”x9” (61x51x22cm)


42Lb (19kg)

32”x23”x6.3” (81x58x16cm)

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