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A4 Inkjet&Laser Transparent Film

A4 Inkjet&Laser Transparent Film
Product name:A4 Inkjet&Laser Transparent Film

Non-Waterproof Ink-Jet and Laser Printing Film is a specially coated, clear film that absorbs quick drying inkjet ink, and controls the shape of fine lines and half tones, can be used to make stencil in pad printing, screen printing,and hot stamping.Ink-jets achieve better quality because heat isn't used to set the ink. This inkjet film is only coated on one side. Print on the coated (matte) side of the film! If you print on the glossy uncoated side, the ink will not dry because it is not absorbed by the coating.

Parameters :A4  8"x12" (210mmx297 mm)

For the unique high-tech solution, they can not be conglutinated with each other when folded together. The image is well-resisting and suitable for storage. There is an indentation on the top right side when you face the film.

1)This film also can be used in your laser printer
2)Your wet finger will stick to the coated side
3)Printing side is the non-smooth side



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